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This tumblr consists of a bunch of tutorials and html help. I enjoy making themes and generally just wanted to help people out. If you use one of my themes, please send me a message saying so. xo online views

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get-rich-or-die-frying said: i used one of your themes(:

thank you

New Classy theme

New theme —-> Code here

Special Features include:

shaking images, scroll to top button, cool fonts, and much more

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Kay guys I need help regarding Vegas


Which nightclub is better TAO [in the venitian], Pure [in ceasers palace], or Chateau [in paris hotel] ?

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Anonymous said: ive really enjoyed all of your themes and cursors they are so cute (: !

thanks munchkin

aprettyblogger said: I used one of your themes! I love it!

thanks doll <3

Anonymous said: how u put the "About me description" on top of the blog like you had on your main blog .

its in the top sidebar theme for you


special features: Shaking image hover

Hello Kitty Theme: Code HERE